Do you have a passion for creating, like we do? We've got the tools and experience to train you!

    At LifeStone we take what we do seriously. We believe in offering the best product and the best service possible. Attention to detail is key, no matter the scale of the project. And we take the same approach to training.

    If you're interested in stone fabrication and customisation, and share similar passions and beliefs, LifeStone offers on-site training. From cutting to polishing, we can show you how a project goes from a slab or series of small pieces and a client's drawing to a stunning finished product. You'll work directly with our experienced craftsman and learn the tricks of the trade right down to the finest details. We won't skip a single step so that you won't either when you use the skills we teach you. 

   If this sounds like an opportunity that interests you, please contact us and we'll set up an appointment to get you started!