Restoration and Maintenance 

    We understand that, while stone is extremely durable and long lasting, life can happen. Scratches, chips, knocks, bumps, and sometimes even large breaks can be unavoidable. That's why we offer a range of services and products to help repair and refresh your granite, marble, and quartz surfaces. We can help you keep your pieces looking like new with polishers and cleaners, and when life's little nicks and chips happen, we can do on-site repairs to bring the stone back to its original beauty. And if something truly tragic happens we can take your stone piece into our shop and restore it back to the way you remember. 

    For day to day care, most quartz, granite, and marble surfaces and pieces will only need a gentle dusting or, at most, a wipe down with some warm water and pH neutral soap using a non-abrasive cloth. For more intensive cleaning, though, we recommend using specially formulated products like the AKEMI brand cleaners we use and sell in shop. 

   We offer a wide array of products to help you care for your stone surfaces. Come in and see us, and let us help you get your stone back to the way it once was!